Helping to build an inclusive Internet

New! Web accessibility course for webdesigners

This on-line course explains clearly and simply how to build any website so that it is still accessible to disabled users.

You can work at your own pace and stop and restart as often as you wish. Each lesson has a number of excercises which are marked on-line and a forum is available for discussing issues with our trainers and other students.

The first three lessons are absolutely free so you can see for yourself how easy including "accessibility" can be.

The course is run through our partner (Userite). More information on our e-access course


We undertake specialist research

"The power of the web is in it's universality", but this only works if the content is accessible to everyone, and everyone thinks that it is worth accessing. To be truly inclusive the everyone needs to have both the tools and the skills. Whilst governments play a key role, content providers can help by using the widest range of media, including text, audio, graphics and video.
Using the Internet to empower people to participate in public policy and decision making. The newer "Web 2.0" technologies such as blogs and discussion boards offer great potential, but democracy is a two-way process that requires nurturing to be successful.


We work in partnership with Website Auditing Limited (Userite) to encourage accessible web design. Our services include

  • testing web sites for compliance with accessibility guidelines
  • advising on how to make a website accessible to people with disabilities
  • training web designers in the techniques required to avoid creating barriers for disabled people
  • presenting the case for accessible web design at events

More information can be found from the Userite website